Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Edinburgh Cycling Map

Edinburgh prides itself on being the City of Festivals. There are festivals for Books, Films, Jazz and Blues, Science, and even Fringe or Storytelling. Edinburgh also has ambitions to be a Cycling City. It was the first UK city to sign the Charter of Brussels.

During Velo-city’s 2009 last day in the European Parliament, several European cities signed the Charter of Brussels. By signing the charter, cities commit themselves to invest in bicycle policy as an integrated part of urban mobility. At the same time, the charter is a call on the European Union to promote urban cycling. Among the key demands are a 15% bicycle modal share by 2020 and reducing bicycle road fatalities by 50%.

Enjoy cycling. Be part of the Festival of Cycling. Download the application and you will find:
• current and complete cycle ways
• maps and routes
• showing cycle route locations
• showing user's location
• tips for riding safely
• advice for new riders
• sharing map location and information
• sharing map routes

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